House Clearances

Even though our main bread and butter is antiques & interiors, we like to lend our expertise to house clearances. With our 3.5T van and well trained staff, we are able to clear any size of property, professionally and efficiently. We offset the cost of any antiques found against the cost of the clearance, making the clearance more cost effective for you. And as our bread and butter is antiques & interiors, then there is no one better to clear your property than Ridgeway Antiques. 

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Our house clearances involve the removal of all items from the property to include electrical & white goods, food stuffs, clothes, paperwork, furniture & bric-a-brac, etc., leaving the empty shell of the property.

In some instances, an entire house clearance is unsuitable. Therefore, we offer partial house clearances that are targeted towards garages, sheds and room clearances.

We operate across the Swindon, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and South Gloucestershire areas.

How the process works:

  1. We will provide a FREE quotation to clear the property.
  2. Any antiques or items of value will be factored into the quotation.
  3. If you were to accept, we will work with you to agree a suitable date to enter the property and clear.
  4. You don't have to be in attendance whilst we clear the property, simply leave the keys with the solictor or post them to us so we can do the hard work.
  5. If there are any items that you would like us to keep an eye out for whilst we clear the property, please let us know and we will hand them over accordingly.
  6. Also, if sentimental items such as photographs & letters or financial documentation is discovered, this will be handed over or appropriately disposed of at your request.
  7. Payment can be made either directly to us or via a solicitor when the property has been cleared or when the property has been sold.

If you would like us to clear your property, please get in contact with us to arrange your free valuation.